Barnwood Park and Arboretum

Memorial trees in Barnwood Park and Arboretum

When Gloucester City Council acquired the land we now call Barnwood Arboretum in 2000 no new trees had been planted on the site for many years. It was agreed that it was important to plant a new generation of special trees worthy of arboretum status. In order to help to get things going a number of local people donated trees, including a Wollemi Pine, Liquidambar, Scots Pine and English Oak (there were no oaks on the site) in memory of loved ones. 

However, a new tree is rarely planted in the Arboretum or in the main park now. There are few suitable places left because, as the Arboretum is also a Local Nature Reserve, it is important to keep a balance between different types of habitat. There are large areas of grassland which provide habitat for insects and other wildlife and this habitat would be changed by the addition of more trees. On the rare occasion that a new tree is required in future it will be chosen and provided by Gloucester City Council. 

Here are links to some national schemes if you are interested in planting a memorial or commemorative tree: 

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Plant a tree in memory or as a gift l UK | National Trust 

Dedicate a Tree | National Forest 

The Forest of Memories – Dedicate a Tree to Our Lost Loved Ones in The Forest of Memories  (especially for those who have lost loved ones to Covid)

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